To Indian Voices,


On behalf of the Red de Apoyo al CIG (Support Network for Mexico’s Indigenous Governing Council), a coalition of different grassroots organizations in San Diego, we want to share news of, and extend an invitation to, a historic event happening Feb 17, 2018, from 10a-2p at the Tijuana/ San Diego Border.


The Indigenous Governing Council and Its Spokesperson Marichuy will be at the TJ/SD Border


                                              Feb 17, 2018 10-2pm
                                 “Transborder Voices With Marichuy”


María de Jesús Patricio Martinez, known as “Marichuy”, the spokesperson of Mexico’s Indigenous Governing Council and the first Indigenous woman, to be an aspiring candidate for the 2018 Presidential Elections will be present at the US/Mexico Border.


The Indigenous Governing Council has been traveling all over Mexico - through various Indigenous communities, cities, valleys and remote areas - to introduce another way of doing politics. They have been calling for visibility of the “Pueblos” or of all Indigenous communities to have a voice and a national platform to demand that the Mexican government and International community hear the voices of all those that have been resisting and to call on those communities being visited to organize themselves.


We call on everyone to stand in solidarity on this day of action by supporting the last stop of the Indigenous Governing Council caravan at the Tijuana/San Diego border.


Join us to hear the voices on both sides of the border…  those of migrant mothers, students, Indigenous Peoples and all marginalized communities rising up against all borders through this binational political, cultural exchange.


We will  march together toward the beach at Border Field/Friendship Park at 8:30am on Feb. 17, 2018. The program starts from 10:00-2:00pm
  • Speakers/local representatives of diverse struggles
  • Indigenous Governing Council delegates
  • Cultural music, spoken word, poetry
  • Words from Maria de Jesus Patricio Martinez “Marichuy”
You are also welcome to participate on the Playas de Tijuana side starting at 10am


Join us in your cities: live-streaming on FB @ Apoyo al CIG Norte del Muro


Bring your “Papalote” kites, an important symbol to be used for the event.


We strongly advise for all those thinking to come that might have pending issues with their immigration status, warrants, probation or parole, to please not come or put yourself at risk.


There are many ways you can support and get involved in the struggle, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For Justice, Dignity, and Autonomy!!!!