Stripped: A song written by Alec Berard and Jason Mackie

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This is the first track from the very talented and HOT Alec Berard. Check him out on soundcloud and the links below. His deep and soulful lyrics reflect a life lived and the realization of the lessons learned.

Listen to the song here: Stripped- Written by Alec Berard and Jason Mackie.


It was originally a poem. One day i was messing around with the guitar and looking at the first 2 lines of the verse and wrote the first melody for it. Jason really liked the feel of where I was going with it. He grabbed the guitar and we wrote it line by line together. Its about me struggling with temptation and how it ruined something special in my life and now i have overcome it and how that something special will always follow me.



Verse 1

I'm stripped down. I've lost my stride. You are all that i want. Give me a bite, but not the taste. I'm tired of this fight, im weak and worn from the waste.


Chorus 1

Now I've fallen away, nothing more to say. It's never the same. Take away the pain. I should have ran away, maybe you would have stayed.


Verse 2

You never seem to disappear, its always the same strife. You're all i see, bring me back to life. If you don't agree, just have trust in me.


Chorus 2

Now you've fallen away. I have more to say. Its never the same. Take away the pain. I had to run away, hope you come back to stay.



Follow me through my darkest of days. I fall so short the hardest of ways.


Verse 3

You wanted to believe in me. I couldn't trust myself. I wish you would take me off the shelf. I won't leave a stain. I was sick, I'm so ashamed.


Chorus 3

Now I'm here to stay. I have more to say. It's never the same. Take away the pain. You had to run away. Hope you come back to stay.