Employment Opportunity: Shift Supervisor - Burlingame, CA

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Shift Supervisor 
Burlingame, CA
Full Time with no schedule specified (Flexible Schedule)
Compensation: Competitive Pay, PLUS TIPS & Great Benefits!

Primary responsibility is to assist in all aspects of the restaurant operations and protocol including working all stations, opening and closing procedures and assisting the General Manager in properly running the shift. 
* Assist with Cashier functions including cash outs and cashier functions 
* Ensure the cleanliness of the restaurant and delegate side work tasks daily 
* Continually monitor our food and food quality with taste, texture and temperature tests
* Perform uniform checks ensuring that everyone is in the proper attire 
* Properly open the restaurant in a timely matter ensuring all morning duties are being completed including bank deposits, break sheet completion, catering orders (if any) and checklist use. 
* Properly close the restaurant completing all nightly paperwork 
* Run the shift while making sure that all employees are taking their given/mandatory breaks at the appropriate time throughout the day 
* Take inventory and organize next day orders with manager assistance. 
* Work all stations in the restaurant while recognizing where you are most needed at any given time. 
* Assist the Manager with any other additional needs Performs other related duties, as required.

Renee Perez
Director of Talent Acquisition
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