Abolish The Bankers·Tuesday, October 23, 2018

When Billie Powers bought her home in 2007 she had no idea the work that was in store for her to survive the Ponzi Scheme that would assault her life and take over her every waking hour. 

Powers simply wanted to build her ranch, work with at risk girls through equine therapy, grow vegetables and grow memories of a home with her family. Powers began to build her dreams and what interfered was the nightmare that became known as the; “Foreclosure Mills and Bankers Assault”

Since closing escrow on her home July 2, 2007 Powers has done everything she could to protect her family. She has used methods she never dreamed would be needed in a country she believed had justice for victims of crimes. She found out about public v private, about the fact that the U.S. is a corporation ran by the President as CEO, and that the Bankers have no authority to do business in the several States. 

What became clear to Powers rather quickly was that justice and the Federal Reserse were usurped by the Bankers. She learned the courtrooms are dens of thieves as judges roll foreclosures out the door faster than a cat chasing a mouse for it’s dinner. What she found out very quickly was that fraud was rampant and that millions of people were affected, not just her.

After her second illegal foreclosure against her home Powers began looking for answers as to why it was so easy for documents to steal her home. She began networking with other victims. While assisting on radio show broadcasts, starting in 2011 with CJ Holmes of Homeowners for Justice, she started a group called the National Homeowners Justice Coalition. People well known in the Foreclosure war were networking at that time.

Soon Powers was doing research and radio shows as Two Moms on A Borough with Carol Keihn. The two women concentrated on IDENTITY THEFT and discovered that foreclosures were tied into everything from Obamacare to Voter Fraud and that the Banks were literally a very well orchestrated Ponzi Scheme. Listen here for one of their shows about word sorcery:

As the years passed Powers met more people who were fighting the same exact battles, they found more documentation of fraud and began sharing all their stories. All Powers could do was gasp at the disregard the Sheriff, DOJ, OIG, CFPB, SEC, Secret Service, FBI, District Attorneys, Board of Supervisors, Mayors, Congressmen/women, Senators and the Washington DC groups gave to victims of these horrific crimes. (An ever bigger gasp was had when she learned that those very departments, offices and badged ones were assisting in the crimes.)

After having her home stolen at gunpoint on September 21, 2017, and being forced into commercial intercourse to get her stolen home returned, her crusade has become one for all humanity. She filed a Civil Action for Breach of Contract in August 2017 and after the Judge Sledgehammer Carter told her if she could prove any documents were fraudulent he would demand indictments to the US Attorney she moved forward with criminal actions. 

A man named Carl Collicott reached out to Powers in the Spring of 2018 and after one conversation the two became inseparable in the journey to indict the bankers. On June 20, 2018 a Motion for Civil Joinder of Criminal Action was filed and today the case of Powers v The Bank of New York Mellon et al has been heard around the world. Groups in Australia, Ireland, all over the UE and world are hearing about the case to INDICT THE BANKERS and the support is snowballing.

Judge Carter denied her motion on July 30, 2018, but the Sledgehammer team were prepared for his error. We now know that the Bankers have been operating in complete fraud, threatening homeowners attorneys, brokering our lives and usurping our credits at the Fed Window as they commit FINANCIAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. The Sledgehammer Team will not stop until the bankers are held accountable and the people are given remedy. Justice has been long delayed and, “Justice delayed is Justice denied.” Powers will not quit. It’s time for Jubilee!