Thunderhand Joe and the Medicine Show Biography

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The following biographical information for Thunderhand Joe was gleaned from his facebook page which can be found @thunderhandjoe  - author unknown tba

THUNDERHAND JOE, while working as the powerhouse drummer for the recording artist Redbone, has dazzled audiences all over the world. Redbone is the most succes...sful Native American Rock & Roll band in the history of music. Joe's high energy and incredible showmanship was the driving force behind the band for 16 years. The band owes much of its success over the years to Thunderhands Rock Solid Performances. During the 1990s, Thunderhand used his time to direct special energy into developing his own brand of Rock & Roll. He soon developed his talents as a singer-songwriter and producer. As a result Thunderhand Joe and the Medicine Show was born. Thunderhand Joe influenced heavily by his years with Redbone, has built a following thrilling fans with songs that celebrate the Native American culture. Jingle Dress, Seminole Man and Wounded Knee are songs as such that capture the imagination through lyrics and music. Thunderhand Joe paints lyrical pictures with songs that take you from a swampy southern bayou feel, to the classic American Rock and Roll sound. Thunderhand Joe recognizes the importance of a cultural exchange between people. His songs are the essence of this exchange. Thunderhand Joe employs a wealth of talent, style and personality as he shows off his own blend of Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, and a Country mix. His unplugged acoustic performances make for a wonderfully intimate time for young and old alike. His tribute to Redbone will blow you away. Joe captures the energy of the super groups early days with inspiring performances that keep you mesmerized and totally involved. Thunderhand Joe has earned the respect of his peers through his solid songwriting and stellar performances. Over the past three decades he has shared the stage with the worlds top entertainers such as * Fleetwood Mac, * Stevie Wonder, * Three Dog Night, * Rita Coolidge, * Crystal Gayle, * War, * Robbie Robertson, * Pablo Cruse, * Dave Mason, * Buffalo Springfield, * John Michael Montgomery * Chris Ledoux * Williams & Ree * Charlie Hill * Al Wilson * Fleetwood Mac * Uncle Kracker * Thunderhand Joe was the opening act for the County supper star ... John Michael Montgomery at the Choctaw Fair in July of 04. Joes performance quickly earned the respect of the crowd and had them on there feet. After his performance Joe was contacted by Natives People Magazine. The interview can be found in the Nov / Dec 04 issue. At 93 annual Cherokee Fair in North Carolina (05) Joe had the crowd cheering for more. He was greeted by an overwhelming response. After the show people said he was the best entertainer they ever had at there fair. Not bad considering they had Percy Sledge / Ronnie Millsap / Doctor Hook and Uncle Kracker that week. Thunderhand Joe has been prominently featured in publications from around the U.S. The article in Whispering winds magazine generated interest from around the globe. Joes CD is now selling in Europe. Thunderhand Joe has made quite a name for him self with phenomenal performances that will blow you away. His performances have made him into one of the most sought after musical acts. Thunderhand Joe is working on a new CD. He is also writing a book on his start in the music business and his evolution into becoming the drummer for the greatest Native Band in History....Redbone. This is truly one of the most exceptionally unique bands youll ever hear, an extraordinary band with a phenomenal sound. You can see the band at Indian Gaming facilities; Fairs and Festivals all over the U.S. and Canada. A true American Original. Come see what people are talking about. Some of the venues Thunderhand Joe has performed at : .. Majestic Pines Casino, WI .. Music City, CA .. Fort Randall Casino, SD .. Fox Woods Casino, CT .. Nostalgia TV .. Black Bear Casino, MN .. KROQ - Radio AZ .. Fantasy Springs Casino, CA .. Grand Hinckley Casino, MN .. Potowatomi Casino, WI .. Ho-Chunk Casino, WI .. WYMS 89 FM, WI .. Paiute Palace, CA .. KTNN, AZ .. Sandia Casino, NM, .. American Indian TV .. Isle Vista Casino, WI .. Royal River Casino, SD .. Cliff Castle Casino, AZ .. OJIB 88.9 FM, WI .. KICE 90.5 FM, NM .. Spirit Mountain Casino, OR .. Indian Summer Fest, WI .. KROU 105.7 FM, OK .. Danicing Eagle Casino, NM .. Bobby Seminole Village, FL .. KAXE 91.7 FM, MN .. L.C.O. Casino, WI .. Hon-Dah Casino, AZ .. Cerritos Center, CA .. KGLP 91.7 FM, NM .. Fantasy Springs Casino, CA .. Blue Water Casino, AZ .. San Manuel Casino, CA .. Native American Radio .. AIROS, Network ..Apache Gold Casino, AZ Caoctaw Fair, MS.. Choctaw Casino & Resort Durant O