Nature Fest, A Celebration of San Diego's Urban Birds


Nature Fest, A Celebration of San Diego's Urban Birds

When: Sunday, May 31st, 2015



Where: WorldBeat Cultural Center

              2100 Park Blvd.

              Balboa Park, San Diego CA 92101

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Cost: Free


Join us as we celebrate urban birds in collaboration with the Celebrate Urban Birds Project of Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This will be a series of bird observation events that will culminates in a major event on May 31st, 2015 in Balboa Park, San Diego. This event will encourage families to observe birds in their homes and neighborhoods no matter what environment they live in and also participate in citizen science.

Participants will learn about San Diego's city birds, conduct bird counts for science, and engage in urban greening efforts. The three day series will begin Saturday May 16th and continue May 24th and 21st and will involve bird watching, gardening, science, and cultural and arts activities.

Celebrate Urban Birds is year-round project developed and launched byThe Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Its primary purpose is to reach diverse urban audiences who do not already participate in science or scientific investigation. Project participants watch birds in their neighborhoods and report what they see. This information helps scientists better understand how birds survive in cities and make use of green spaces, including parks and gardens. The project recruits inner-city youth to learn about birds, and participating in neighborhood activities focus on birds and nature.

All families are welcome with children of all ages. Suggested agesfor bird observation activity is 8-18 years old.  

Families are encouraged to register their participating youth through WorldBeat Center’s website: