Conversation with Daniel Marshall, Atty. – Marshall Law

by Jill Harper

It is always with an open mind when we at Indian Voices venture out on assignment with the intention of bringing back something useful for our loyal readers. More often than not, we find that in doing so, we bring back something for ourselves as well.

Today’s assignment is much like the others; illustrious leader comes out from behind the monolith, delivers the day’s marching orders using as few words as possible, and lacking any detail whatsoever. “Harper, North Park, good will.” I feel my tongue cluck instinctively. Good will? Editor speak for “damage control”. This is something Editors do to reporters to help us develop “journalistic integrity”. The reporting staff is of the opinion they do it because they can. I already know that today I will not be loitering for hours at my favorite Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, sipping the same large iced coffee, stealing napkins and getting free wifi.

As it would happen, the assignment takes place at the law offices of Attorney Daniel E. Marshall, located in North Park. I am greeted by the subject himself. In a blue button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, he looks ready to get down to the business of an interview while I am paralyzed with fear that perhaps this is my defense attorney, and “Her Illustrious Highness of Hidden Mercy” has found out about “that thing” that happened in 2004 and that I subsequently lied about in the application process, (which, cross my heart, I will NEVER do again).

But I digress. Thankfully, I am caught off guard by the outstretched hand of an old soul and energetic freedom fighter. We take each other in, and I feign knowledge of this man and his law firm and ask my first question, “What’s your zodiac sign?” He laughs and suddenly now feel as if we are in best-friends-forever- land.

As we talk, I discover this Daniel E. Marshall person was certainly no stranger to over-achievement. While attending law school, he was running his own successful landscaping business. During and after law school he worked with a federal judge and later worked in civil rights for the City of San Diego. He reported directly to some former chief judge named Schwartz. Judge Schwartz was so cool they named the federal court in San Diego after him!!

After receiving his law degree, Daniel started his own law firm, Marshall Law, which focused in employment and disabilities discrimination.

His years spent as a Federal and State Civil Litigator resulted in 21 years of experience, expertise and knowledge in Civil Litigation . His firm Marshall Law, currently specializes in Landlord/Tenant disputes, but get this – his firm represents both plaintiffs AND tenants! As if that wasn’t enough, he is the go-to guy in Post Foreclosure Evictions and Business Formation. I feel a nap coming on just thinking about busy he is!

For the better part of an hour, we traded lawyer jokes, talked about tenant rights and the laws that protect those rights, how long the eviction process takes and the steps to take should you find yourself on the tenant side of a dispute and even whether or not the Padres would win the world series in 2013. (Okay, we didn’t discuss baseball that day, but Daniel is such an interesting and interested person, had time permitted, I’d like to think we would have.)

As my “Day with Daniel” (as I call it) came to a close, I reflected on the meeting and what I would be bringing back to share with the loyal Indian Voices readers when I felt a voice faintly whisper in my good ear:

“You measure a man’s greatness by the power of his convictions”. As an attorney for the people, Daniel E. Marshall is the embodiment of those words.

May we all subscribe to the belief that our own greatness is be measured in the power of our collective convictions.

Good will, indeed!

Marshall Law is located in the North
Park at 3180 University Avenue, Ste.
250, San Diego, CA 92104

Mr. Marshall can be reached by calling

Visit the Marshall Law website at and learn everything you need to know about the eviction process, as well as information on tenant rights and real estate law.

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