Happy Birthday Randy Edmonds April 10, 2013

randy-edmondsWednesday April 10th the Ballard Center in Old Town came alive with a singing, dancing festive gathering in celebration of Randy Edmond’s seventy ninth birthday. Young and old bridged the generation gap as the soul of the San Diego Urban Indian community came out in force to demonstrate unity in the community and support of tradition and culture. Johnny Hood opened the event with a Native prayer honoring Mr. Edmonds Kioa heritage. Never at a loss of words Randy easily settled into the roll Master of Ceremonies once the “surprise event” warmed up. Vickie Gambala made sure that the worker bees were informed of upcoming events.

A raffle and entertainment followed a pot luck meal that was enjoyed by all.

The Soaring Eagle Dance Troop under the watchful eye and direction of Chuck Cadotte kept the energy high throughout the affair.

The evening came to a close with friendship and joy. After the traditional Happy Birthday song and cake cutting the Kumeyaay words for Happy Birthday “Matuam hilikuy with!” wafted through the streets of Old Town. Our respected Southern California Tribal Elder, Spiritual Leader and Activist had been honored.