Full STEAM Ahead...A Special Announcement!

Greetings friends! The AjA Project is excited to announce our Full STEAM Ahead Collaborative in partnership with Barrio Logan College Institute and MANA de San Diego. Made possible through funding by our friends at San Diego Gas & Electric, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) is an innovative movement adding the tools of "art and design" to offer new models for creative problem solving into STEM education. The AjA Project, a photography-based educational youth program, will utilize participatory methods and the core values of STEAM to lead BLCI middle school students in a photography-based project that will take a deeper look into how technology has changed in the last two generations.

Youth participants will identify and document the technological shifts that have led to generational divides while understanding the opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship that lie ahead.  MANA de San Diego via their Hermanitas Youth Leadership Mentor Program will partner 14 BLCI girls with mentors currently in leadership roles. Their girls will meet STEAM professionals and attend seminars aimed at encouraging them to pursue STEAM careers. BLCI, with a 100% track record of sending its graduates to college, will provide a solid educational foundation from which to build STEAM and leadership skills. This collaborative not only ensures underserved students are adequately prepared for the academic demands of rigorous STEAM disciplines in higher education, but also empowers them to lead the charge in positively impacting their community today and inspiring others in the future. BLCI, MANA de San Diego, and The AjA Project would like to  thank SDG&E for their continued support, and a special thanks  to SDG&E Community Relations Manager, Warren Ruis, and Community Relations Director, Pedro Villegas.