American Indian Traditional Vendors Circle

By:  Adam Rodriguez

It was a great weekend the creator provided for us at the Rincon fiesta. All the food vendors cooked from their hearts when you were hungry and craved any Taco, Burrito, burger, pizza, breakfast fried eggs with potato bacon and more, stir fried cabbage with bacon with chicken, and, yes, even MENUDO!!!!!!!!!!

No worries, they hit a home run every time! Now as far as the  heat of the day not a problem we had snow cones, ice cream, lattes, ice cold lemonade, cold sodas, watermelon, now for those of us that know that its 12:00 pm some where! well we were even provided with a beer garden for that ultimate thirst quencher what else could you ask for when night fell the bands would start and everybody got there groove on As usual I should have started by thanking everyone who put this event  together  from the the office staff to the guys who put up  the Ramadas and serviced, cleaned, and watered the grounds to keep the dust down and and to juan for helping with the raffle and those who kept the beertina full not to mention the service at the beer garden they all made you feel at home.

The softball field, basketball court, and yes the horse shoe pits were full of determined competitors competition was heated  but respectful sportsmanship was at its highest  great job to those athaleets  and there was a lot of them. Now we had a hand full of us native craftsmen there to show and sell our art work from toys, to jewelry, clothing, t-shirts, leather goods, fans, medicine bags paintings, and almost forgot to john for his feather work on the palm husks very different, creative, and skilled we made a GOOD TRADE!! One of his feathers for one of my turtle shell bags it was a good trade because that is how we do it thanks again john.  Again we vendors helped each other out,  setting up, loaning each other extra parts that we forgot at home bartering I hope all of you did well.

Again this part of the paper is dedicated to you the vender to share advise advertise and tell stories and contribute to something you created by making our art creating, loading ,unloading, setting up selling wondering if were going to break even or make a little then break down, load the drive home  where ever you came from  creating our art seeing old friends and meeting new ones the trips the stories going and coming makes it all worth it for the first time we have way net work with each other (who would have thought) till next time.