Faulconer Applauds Creation of Circulate San Diego

Nonprofits Move San Diego and Walk San Diego have merged

San Diego, CA – Today Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer praised the merger of Move San Diego and Walk San Diego, two of the region’s best known transportation advocacy groups.

The merger creates Circulate San Diego – an organization that will work on improving transportation throughout the San Diego region.

“San Diego can be at the forefront of creating vibrant, healthy neighborhoods with great transportation choices like the Mid Coast Light Rail expansion,” Faulconer said. “Circulate San Diego is a leader in ensuring our streets are safe for everyone whether they walk, cycle or drive. Our region deserves nothing less.”

Stephen Haase, Circulate San Diego’s board chairman, said, “These two organizations have made some great impacts on transportation policies and walkability over the past 10 years. By joining forces, this merger is taking us to a whole new level.”

Circulate San Diego also announced five ways to improve the region:

  • Challenge the notion that cars are the only way to travel
  • Make it safer for children and adults to walk and bike to school
  • Change the conversation about transportation norms
  • Make it easier for people to get around San Diego without a car
  • Increase options for people to live in opportunity-rich areas where they can live, work, learn and play in a smaller footprint