Tribal TANF

Tribal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) is a program designed to replace public assistance (AFDC) previously provided by the Counties in Southern California. American Indians living on North and East County reservations are now receiving services by Southern California Tribal Chairmen's Association. Tribal TANF was designed by Indian people to meet the special and different needs of Indian people in Southern California. Tribal TANF has the flexibility to focus on and address your cultural needs. A major concern to clients is child care. Our child care services focus on serving children whose parents/guardians are in work, education, or job placement training programs. Tribal TANF has several job training activities: on the job training, work experience, job searches, subsidized and unsubsidized funding while receiving work experience at tribal, private, and public job sites. Our supportive services include career and assessment counseling, transportation, substance abuse counseling, and living expenses. Tribal TANF has the flexibility to work with clients on a case by case basis to address all these needs.

Child Care:
Clients participation in the TANF program will have day-care services available. Child care services will also be available to clients participating in a job internship or attending a vocational training school.

Training and Tuition:
Tribal TANF will pay the cost of vocational training: tuition, books, materials, supplies, and related expenses. We offer transportation services for recipient training.

Unforeseeable Emergency Services:
Tribal TANF will assist in certain emergency situations on a case by case basis, including diversion services.

Basic Living Expenses:
Tribal TANF will provide cash assistance to approved applicants at a rate equal to the county Cal Works program.

Health Care:
If you were receiving Medi-Cal prior to applying to TANF you will continue to receive Medi-Cal from the county. If you are not receiving Medi-Cal, when you apply for Tribal TANF you must apply through the county for Medi-Cal services.

Drug Screening/Testing:
Tribal TANF will require drug screening/testing for all participants. If these tests are returned positive, you will be required to have random testing and enroll in a treatment program. Failure to do so may result in sanctions, which will decrease you cash assistance or eliminate it completely.

Work Training:
Each adult applicant (excluding non-needy caretakers) will be required to participate in a job internship or vocational training school in accordance with federal work requirements in order to receive aid. Refusal to do so may result in sanctions, which will decrease you cash assistance or eliminate it completely. Our work requirement will be between 10 and 32 hours per week, depending on family make-up.

Get some training! Choose a career! Choose a job! Transportation will be provided for TANF participants who qualify.

Tribal TANF Serves These Locations:
•La Jolla
•La Posta
•Los Coyotes
•Mesa Grande
•San Diego County
•Santa Ynez

For more information please call the nearest Tribal TANF office:

Escondido TANF Office
Toll Free: (866) 428-0901
Phone: (760) 746-0901

Manzanita TANF Office
Toll Free: (866) 931-1480
Phone: (619) 766-9039

Pala TANF Office
Toll Free: (888) 806-8263
Phone: (760) 742-8690

San Diego TANF Office
Toll Free: (866) 913-3725
Phone: (619) 460-3400

Santa Ynez TANF Office
Toll Free: (866) 855-8263
Phone: (805) 688-1756