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Board Canceling parks for international hotel speculators
Scott Andrews

Knowing it was publicly-owned land, the public objected when they witnessed the port board vote to wall off the public tideland parcels on the South Embarcadero with bayfront hotels and convention center expansions.

San Diego taxpayers demand a new plan for the North Embarcadero - to prevent the same blocking off of our waterfront and its beautiful views for insider special interests aligned with appointed port board members.

The public officially planned to save our last open downtown San Diego Bay tidelands for major Broadway Landing Park and open public piers over the blue water.

The legal plan, the Port Master Plan (PMP), is now being torn up by the port board. They are negotiating with hotel developers from other countries.

From Harbor Island to the Hilton, port board trustees of the public resource want to sign away the public’s rights to their own land.

Under a suspect “revisiting” process after canceling a citizen advisory board, board members plan another twenty high rise hotels to wall off San Diego Bay front like Hong Kong. The wall they want will block off the bay from W. Harbor Island to the Hilton.

The board intends to eliminate the legally designated Broadway Landing Park, Navy Pier Memorial Park, and part of Ruocco Park, all for the commercial developers they secretly negotiate with.

Here are the board's illegal bayfront actions- mass over development that will eliminate the legally-designated parks and public piers for play, art and music festivals, a maritime museum, and waterside launch of small craft to access the water for exercise, fishing, and touring the shores of the bay and Coronado:

eliminating the PMPlan’s Broadway Landing Park at Harbor Dr. and Broadway

cruise ship terminal in the middle of Broadway Pier’s open view shed

canceling the PMPlan's 5.3 acre Navy Memorial Park on Navy Pier

after bundling together public tideland parcels for hotel speculators, the board is filling E. Harbor Island and Seaport Village with commercial builidngs as if it was private real estate.

approving China build two Lane Field hotels across the street from Navy Broadway US Navy Region Southwest Fleet Headquarters.

The U.S. government just cancelled China’s Hotel Del Coronado purchase because it was too close to military facilities.