An Introduction to the Hmong

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A brief introduction to the Hmong People.

First of all, I have had the honor of working with and befriending an amazing woman and leader of the Fresno Hmong population. I will submit her biography at a later point in this ongoing correspondence regarding a uniquely indigenous population of refugees who have come to call America their home.

The Hmong were a culture that originated in the mountainous regions of China, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. During the time that America was involved in the Vietnam conflict, they encountered the Hmong people. Refugees that I have interviewed call it the Vietnam War, I tend to accept their word for it; as they were there. It was at this crucial time, that they decided to side with the United States and assist the military. As well as to act as spies for the CIA. A new leader emerged in Laos, of whom my friend was the translator and primary supporter during times of trial which will be outlined in her biography to be released in the future.

Through my correspondence with her, and colleagues she has introduced me to, I have learned that the Hmong are a proud people, and maintain many of their cultural traditions while residing within modern American communities.

After the War, the refugees who were sent to various concentration camps in neighboring countries surrounding Vietnam, they were brought to the United States and re-homed in Wisconsin, California, and Minnesota, where a significant portion of the population still exist.

As of this category within Indian Voices, it is with the intention of providing accurate and up to date stories on the issues of a non-western culture attempting to conform to the mainstream middle-class American ideal and the adjustments, and problems that can be recognized as the trials of all indigenous cultures trying to blend into the “melting pot”.