Run With The Sun 2023

run sun flyer

By Kenneth G. White Jr., MSW
Everyone needs healing in their lives. We all have physical, mental and spiritualneeds, and many people are longing, searching and praying for an answer.

The Water Journey
The Run with the Sun is a Water Prayer for Mother Earth. Last year, Indigenous runners, referred to as water carriers, gathered sacred Atlantic Ocean waterthrough ceremony at the Passamaquoday Nation near the Atlantic Ocean.
The water carriers then began their cross-country journey from the east coastand have been running daily, carrying the water and eagle staff to the west coast to merge the sacred waters.
The overall run is scheduled to come to completion at the Kumeyaay and Sycuan Nations near San Diego, California with a ceremony and celebration on June 16 & 17, 2023 that is open to the public.

The Purpose
The purpose of the run is to heal our Nation and the people. Modern day scientific healing methods and services are useful and effective for individuals and families seeking help. However, combined with these necessary methodsand services are also Indigenous healing approaches that have been utilized since time immemorial.
The unification of the sacred water between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean is an Indigenous inspired and respectful way of healing our sovereign nations. In the respectful native way, using water as a healer is both humble and powerful at the same time.
Why? Water is sacred, vital and essential to our everyday life and well- being.The run is a protection from modern day environmental threats such as climate change.

The Schedule
The water carriers, who represent many Tribal Nations, will be entering the greatDine’ and Hopi Nations beginning Wednesday, May 25, 2023, to Tuesday, May 30, 2023 (see schedule).
A ceremony will be held at the Flores trailer park and campground in Bloomfield,New Mexico on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, to merge the Atlantic Ocean water with the Animas River, and to bless the water journey through the Dine’ and HopiNations respectively. It is open to the public.
Communities in New Mexico and Arizona - Bloomfield, Shiprock, Sheep Springs, Window Rock, Ganado, Hotevilla, Bacavi, and Grey Mountain are on the route of the water carriers. A call for local runners is being put out to join the water carriers as they continue on their prayerful journey. Runners of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to participate in each community throughout Dine’ and Hopi land.

Bonding Opportunity
This journey is not only a healing journey, but a bonding opportunity from an indigenous perspective. The sacred Atlantic Ocean water coming through theDine’ Nation and Hopi Nation bonds water, Mother Earth, and the people at each local community.
With this opportunity and purpose in mind, take a look at the schedule, put on your running shoes, and join the water carriers as they come through your respective Dine’ and Hopi communities.
If you can’t run, please show support by parking along the route and giving themyour acknowledgement and community encouragement.

The Need from Young Adult and Elders
I asked three young adults and three elders this question - “What do we need to heal and protect our communities?
The three young adults replied –
“Revitalization of culture and identity”
Another stated “Awareness, support and services for Missing and Murdered Indigenous families and relatives”.
A third person said, “More responsiveness to substance abuse and the fentanyl epidemic. It is everywhere.”
The three elders replied –
“Truth and healing for boarding school victims and families who have been hurt.”
Another elder said, “We need to pass on our language to the children.” A third wise elder said simply “Quality health care”.
These answers, among others, clearly articulate the needs of the people.The sacred water can recognize and address these needs through its sacred healing power.

Please join the movement, the prayer in motion if you will, as runners orcommunity members to support the ‘Run with the Sun-Water Prayer for MotherEarth’ as the sacred water passes through your community.

Yes, everyone needs healing in their lives. We all are vulnerable and impacted physically, mentally and spiritually by daily struggles, illnesses, financialneeds, trauma and other situations we can and cannot control.
Indeed, many are longing, searching and praying for an answer. Keeping in mindwater is sacred, the Run with the Sun- Water Prayer for Mother Earth is a great opportunity and answer to recognize and use as a healing force and prayer to heal.
I give all praise and glory to our Creator, our true healer in the sacred Dine’, Hopi, and Indigenous way.
For further information please contact Mr. Bobby Wallace at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or (619) 922-7032 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.