Farm Field Trip to begin educational programs in Merced, CA

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Our local media resource in the Merced SunStar and Hmong USATV are going to conduct interviews with visiting students and the farmers has been confirmed to take place next week on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, @ 9 A.M. The field trip and interviews will take place at a farm located on a local farm at the corner of Frankln Road and Bellevue Avenue in Merced, CA which will provide a hands on experience for local schoolchildren. This media exposure will also allow the public to become educated about nutrition and healthy eating.

Per a representative of the Snelling school district, the anticipated group of visitors will consist of 15 junior high school students and a few preschoolers from Merced, these children have been chosen due to shown agricultural interests. An added bonus is that these children will get to see where vegetables come from, not just prepackaged ready for market types of food.

Students under the supervision of the farmers and faculty will have a chance to walk the farm grounds to view the crops and participate in picking grown vegetables. An ongoing question and answer session will occur throughout the field trip. Faculty members from Merced county public health, Snelling school district faculty including the school nutritionist will be available for questions and interviews with the aforementioned media representatives.

Questions that will be posed include but are not limited to: Why it is so important today to promote Farm to Home? Farm to School? How can we provide examples of health eating to the local children? The intention is to defined these programs and allow the public to become aware of the possibilities of these programs. 

Further discussion will be posted as it is developed.