Maxx Moses Art will touch the sky, in Russia

Moscow is presently hosting the largest festival of street art in the world, Urban Morphogenesis. And the San Diego based muralist, Maxx Moses, (aka Pose 2) is about to create art that touches the sky. From August 15 through 28th, Maxx will be amongst 60 of the best international artist which will transform 30 ordinary high-rise buildings into an open air museum of contemporary art.

The Minister of the Moscow region government on social communications Irina Plesea is implementing national projects that are based on social inclusion and increased self-actualization of young people. Thus the Urban Morphogenesis Street Art festival has been organized by the Foundation for the development of modern art with support from the Director of social communications of the Moscow region and the administration of Odintsovo.

Presently the Artist, Okuda from Barcelona, Spain has begun blessing the neighborhood with a brilliant mural and this is just the beginning

image russia

Maxx is super excited about travelling to Moscow and plans on reaching deep into his Graffiti roots for inspiration while facing new creative challenges. This time he has to design, paint and execute his art vertically. Maxx or Pose2, whatever name you chose for him has painted throughout Paris, Amsterdam, Peru, Brazil, Dubai, Lebanon and Pakistan, imprinting a legacy of color, connectedness and iconic style, “high rises and skyscrapers with art all over them, this is 21st century Graffiti.” 

image 1 russia
image 2 russia

Maxx is looking forward to connecting with the youth and the emerging Hip Hop Culture within Russia. And this time he will not be alone Antidote a newly formed group of international painters consisting of Pilot, from Houston TX. Poem and Hef, from New York, Yama from Italy, Koka from Mexico and Bert and Loomit from Germany is whom he will collaborating with. They have all painted together in the past and trust each other’s creative process. Over the last few months they have been working diligently on developing a concept for the wall.  But over time the artist lineup has shifted and the designated building to be painted is now 3 floors higher than previously planned. This leaves plenty of room for what Pose 2 loves to do, improvise.  He’s confident that when the entire crew arrives on location and feels the magnitude and energy of the project their new vision will take them way past the skies.  Maxx arrives in Moscow on Friday the 16th. and immediately plans to immerse himself into the rich Russian history of art and culture while sharing the experience with his followers via Instagram @ Maxxmoses777. So stay tuned and stay connected.
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