Phillip Kwa'han Espinoza

49 mins · 

My message to all COVID 19 Freedom protesters: 


Hey, I'm like the only liberal who understands you it seems. And I'm with you guys, but remember when you used to tell protesters that if they dont like the laws of this country they should leave?

What happened to that? 

And the whole "get a job" comment that would plague all protesting videos. 

Do you think you could use this whole thing as a lesson in helping you understand why people protest? It's not because they wanna troll, it's because they're genuinely struggling, like you are now. The Black Lives Matter protesters, they're people, just like you, who simply want the freedom to live and pursue happiness. Don't let the media control how you perceive your brothers and sisters in the same class of society as you.

I applaud your passion for freedom and to express your  concern  regarding  COVID  19. It reminds us what is great about the spirit of this country.  

I hope you will continue protesting for the freedoms that nobody cared about being taken away before all this. All the people who are wrongfully convicted and serving life sentences, the prisoners in Guantanamo that get imprisoned indefinitely without due process. There are so many ways we are not free in this country, this is only one way, the most recent way. Like the people who just now, as a result of this virus, are getting their eyes opened to how death happens all the time, there are people just now being made conscious of civil rights violations and freedoms that get denied to people all the time in this country. You could say our silence on these issues has lead to them feeling comfortable to do what they are now doing. Let us continue the fight for freedom beyond this issue of golf courses and haircuts and use this enthusiasm to fight for freedoms that truly matter, that nobody is currently fighting for. Let's fight for freedoms of black people who get unjustly harassed and killed by police every day in this country. Let's fight for freedom from minimum wage slavery. Let's fight for Natives' freedom from corporations using their land for profit. Let's fight for the freedom from predatory student loan scams that rob people of their right to pursue happiness and enslave them into a life of misery. Let's not stop fighting by being tranquilized once we get our own freedoms. We must fight for freedoms of all!

So let's turn this manufactured partisan issue into an issue where we recognize the struggles of our brothers and sisters of the same class and recognize that we all have the same needs in life: toilet paper, a haircut now and then, but most importantly, freedom.