Indian Voices Special Election Issue , A Love Letter to America

by Hektor David Esparza

Democracy in America is worth saving. Even with a legacy which includes slavery and genocide-- and other harms to peoples of color-- America is still a wonderful idea, place, reality…

We reject the idea that America is so broken and racist that all must be torn down and replaced with who knows what. The Six Nation Iroquois Confederation and The Great Law of Peace was integral to forming the US Constitution. Consensus building and compromise was important to them and it must be important to us. Great things happen when the three branches of government work properly and keep each other in check. Let’s not tear it all down. Let’s add to it, improve it, make it work.

No single perspective, school of thought, or philosophy can or should dominate… even if it offers many strong ideas. There must be room for other ways for seeing the world… that is, unless you favor totalitarianism. We reject totalitarianism from the Right as well as from the Left. No one people have an exclusive on being wrong; no one people have an exclusive on being right. People of every nation, tribe and party get things wrong and right. We refuse to vilify or deify any population. We believe that any hate we send out toward any peoples will inevitably find its way back to our communities. 

Indian Voices is a multi-cultural media organization within a multi-cultural nation. 

There are so many reasons to love America. In short, the United States of America, warts and all, is worth saving.  

Is this true for you and your people? If so, why so? We asked our readers and writers to tell us why America is worth saving. In the pages of this special election issue we invite you to take a look inside the hearts and minds of a diverse group of people who think Democracy in America is worth saving.

To America’s great and many peoples we encourage you not to lose hope. We can and will rise to this incredibly momentous occasion. 

The great American experiment is a work in progress guided by the prophesy of Crazy Horse

America, this special edition of Indian Voices is our Love Letter to You.

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