Good Trouble

Good Trouble:About the Show

Good Trouble borrows its title from the incredible words of John Lewis and explores the youth activism that is spurring significant social and political change in our country. Using a combination of interviews with local community organizers and material drawn from existing media sources, this world premiere explores prominent social and protest movements of the last few years. Fusing verbatim dialogue with original music, poetry, and audience interaction, participants will ‘perform a protest’ while listening to this audioplay. 

Though there will be no live performers, audiences will gather to experience the recorded performance synchronously, using theatre as a medium of communal expression. Physical events will be held in public, outdoor spaces in partnership with other local organizations so that audiences may embody protest and civil disobedience while listening to the next generation of community leaders and activists.

Participation is free. However, audiences are asked to provide their own headphones and a smartphone (or equivalent device) with an internet connection. A link will be provided via email so that audience members may access the recorded performance.

Physical distancing measures will be maintained at all in-person events, and audiences are expected to provide their own face masks. For more information about what to expect, please review the FAQsincluded on this page.

For anyone who is unable to participate in a physical event, the performance on November 1 will be simultaneously livestreamed so that individuals may participate from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Follow us on social media for additional information and links to the livestream.

This show includes some mature language and is recommended for ages 12 & up. ( more info )