Dedicated to the innocent victims of the mass shooting at the Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas on May 27, 2022


Green Tennis Shoes


Kenneth G. White Jr.

He  shot her with an AK-15

a horrific mass murder scene

hundreds of automatic weapon shots in that Uvalde, Texas school

Mom and Dad identified their Daughter only by her green tennis shoes

An assault rifle’s bullet travels 3,000 feet per second when fired

And explodes violently in the body

What if the victim was you

Not a child with green tennis shoes

Get up and go to school

Never come home again

So sad but true

our baby girl with the green tennis shoes

Politicians bought by the NRA

Will not change gun laws no way

They will stand with the gun lobby win or lose

And conveniently forget about the life of the girl with the green tennis shoes

No conscience

No heart 

Assault weapons over the lives of innocent children they choose

not a 10-year-old murder victim with green tennis shoes

                                                   Total insanity in deep dark dungeons of society

The Big lie, insurrections, white supremacy, hate crimes, replacement theory

So what if a human life gone was briefly mentioned on the evening news

On with our racist agenda, not green tennis shoes

All Ethnicities

It is not Republican vs Democrat; it is not me against you

It is empathy, compassion, protection and love for humanity

Recognizing the innocent life of the girl with the green tennis shoes

Let us make a vow to ourselves  and God Almighty

Let’s be honest and true

We need true change that values human life over guns 

In memory of our baby girl with the green tennis shoes

Our dear Creator, Mother Earth, Father Sun

I know you have a conscience and have a heart

 hear my humble prayer from me to you 

God bless and keep our dear angel with the green tennis shoes