Breaking Down Barriers & Building Relationships

Strategizing in Struggle for the Emotional Well Being of Community

harmonious-solutionsOn June 1, Harmonious Solutions under the leadership of C. Kahalifa King, Founder & CEO of Harmonious Solutions presented a well-organized Town Hall Meeting. The theme was Breaking Down Barriers and Building Relationships.

The mission of Harmonious Solutions is to provide:

Culturally responsible conflict resolution, counseling, and community forums and services to all communities, in an effort to lessen conflicts, build better interpersonal relationships, and share knowledge to improve the quality of life harmoniously

The objectives of this community meeting were first for Harmonious Solutions to share the journey and experiences of this agency during its two year contract period with the County of San Diego.

Additionally the purpose included the highlighting of the impact of father absence in the Black community and the proposing of possibilities to rectify this matter.

This was accomplished through Harmonious Solutions two-year report of its scope, focus, and delivery of services to the Black community. Also, its challenges and definitive achievement with its agenda. In addition, the dialogue with the community was aimed at raising the community’s awareness, a search for solutions, and a call for action. The dialogue included as a fundamental focus on relevant issues of culture, Black manhood, and addressing mental health concerns from a Black cultural perspective. Secondly, it was to illuminate and discuss the many factors to reducing stigma and increasing accessibility to Mental Health, and Emotional and Behavioral Wellness services, and to increase engagement and support of mental health services specifically to Black Fathers.

The venue was a harmonious gathering of community with various exchanges amongst all participants. It opened with a drum call by Teye Sa Thiosanne, African Drum and Dance Company. Followed by a Libation to the ancestors by Mzee (Swahili for respected and dignified elder) N’namdi Sikmbuzuko. Then we received an indepth report and analysis of the work of Harmonious Solutions by Mr. Al Daniels Program Director. This was followed by a panel discussion with many persons from professional and community areas.

In response to questions and concerns posed by the moderator, the panelist provided incisive analysis and interpretation of the multiplicity of issues raised in the discussion.

Among the panelist were Minister Clovis Honore, Ms Nyenyekevu D. Moss, Dr. John Warren, and Minister Tukufu Kalonji. The afternoon was a viewing of a film titled Daddy Hunger and a Q & A by its creator Mr. Ray Upchurch.

In closing Indian Voices extends its gratitude to Harmonious Solutions and its staff for organizing this event and inviting us to cover it. For we at the paper recognize the significance of the issues focused on in this Town Hall Meeting. While it clearly is an issue of challenge and struggle in our Black community, so too, it also exist as a concern amongst our indigenous Indian family and community as well. Furthermore, given the historical importance and significance of the African American and Indian relationships, perhaps Harmonious Solutions can provide us a model that can be duplicated by social services providers and therapist who serve the Native American community.

Finally we at Indian Voices say to Harmonious Solution in the Ojibwe, the language of the Chippewa ethnic group – Gichi-apiitendaagwad (which means congratulations) and Chi-miigwech (which means thank you very much), for all of your work, the good you create in the lives of those whom you serve, and may you always be blessed with an abundance of goodness from the great spirit!