Book: Afterlife Institutions - Knightshade Manor Book I

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By Yvonne-Cher Skye

Book One of the Afterlife Institution Series. Knightshade Manor is the luxury style hotel where the recently deceased can reside while they reenact the events that led to their death.

It is by working with other spirits and the caretakers that the guests are able to learn and perhaps chose a different option than the one that led to their unexpected demise.

Bear in mind, all residents of the Manor have issues to deal with, that is why they are in an afterlife psychiatric institution.

A mixture of tales from guests and caretakers are presented to you in the fiction format of horror, macabre, and dark humor.

It is the first in a series of novels that will cover the gambit of human death experience of which they create an illusion of comfort and hence require the familiarity of their chosen occupation within which to spend their afterlife.

As the Manor is set up as a residential hotel, the rooms are assigned, the amenities are explained and several stories occur on the grounds, and within the environs of the Manor.

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