Yvonne-Cher Skye MATH (Maritime Anthropology) Books 21 Volume Set

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Ms. Yvonne-Cher Skye is an Anthropologist, Marine Archaeologist, Author, Museum Director and Researcher.  She has begun a series of educational modules that are available for academic and public use.  Following the parameters of the United States university and collegiate guidelines of educaional modules that are presented to curriculum development committees she has created a 21 volume series that is printed in a 8 x 10 format so that instructors may print course outlines, glossary lists and educaitonal plans from each text.  Each module may be purchased individually, or as part of the set. Each can stand alone in a classroom as a one day seminar or 18 week semester long course or any variable legnth of time between those two extremes.  This is in essence a correspondence course, for those instructors who wish to focus on regional or chronological sequence, the author is willing to research and enhance the materials within each book.  The following are the cover designs for each book, with the backpage illumiated first so that the content of the course is identified. 

MATH 001 cvr

MATH 002 cvr

MATH 003 cvr

MATH 004 cvr


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