Coquille Valley Museum 03/01/2017

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Dear Readers, 
This week I am proud to announce a successful meeting with SWOMA (SouthWest Oregon Museum Association).  Where I met with representatives from 15 local museums that span the coast from Chetco Valley to Florence. Topics included but were not limited to grant funding, curation, membership drives, volunteer recruitment, programming, and most of all COLLABORATION!  I am excited to announce that the upcoming board meeting will include ideas formulated at today's meeting. To discuss the future of the museum and the growth of our digital archives, our family history department, book store, and gift shop, facilities repairs, and ongoing curation projects. As always we can only do this if we continue to have volunteers and memberships that fulfill our matching goals to apply for grants.  Our museum is undergoing a few major transitions in the current exhibit space, which includes the creation of an art gallery exhibit room on the current premises.  Secondly, the administration of the museum is moving into the office space on the corner section of our building adjacent to our conference room.  We will have our library, archives room, and family history files located in those office spaces. These specialty room will only be accessible to members with a volunteer in attendance. We will be sharing our information with the other museums within SWOMA.  Our online presence is a high note for us, and we will continue to provide leadership in this venue for us to maintain the tourism attributes of our institutions and the town of Coquille at large. On a final note, we would like to extend the offer to those who wish to just relax and greet our visitors while those of us who are working on various tasks can focus on the projects at hand. 
Yvonne-Cher Skye
Curator, Coquille Valley Museum
President of the Board, Coquille Historical Society